Tea Party in Washington DC

Thousands Pack Downtown D.C. To Protest Spending. While the story is pretty straight forward and doesn't go in for much editorializing the comments are predictably brainless and awash with stereotyping. Here's another story about the protests. The AARP adds that popped up with it were amusing.

With thousands of American coming to his home to speak their minds the President nonetheless contrives to find himself half way across the country once again making claims that those who oppose his vision for health care insurance reform want the "status quo".

Mr. President you say you are not going to back down on health care insurance reform but you should be aware that the American people aren't going to back down either. Not after the stimulus. Not after the bailouts. Not after the government take over of private companies. Not after TARP. The "bickering" will continue in grand American fashion. Seriously, are the American people expected to just roll over and go along with your plan because you tell us to? I'm mighty tired of anecdotes and empty assurances about how good this current health care insurance reform plan is (if one could call the convoluted monstrosities currently in consideration a "plan"). I can't speak for anyone else but I would dearly love to see a detailed explanation of how the thing is supposed to work. And by detailed explanation I mean something along the lines of, "Section X of bill Y will result in outcome Z because of A, B, and C". And so on and so on until you have gained our trust.

One last thing, work to get health care reform RIGHT not RIGHT NOW.


  1. But what they probably DIDN'T tell you was that it's happening at the same time as the Black Family Reunion, also on the Mall.

    Those flags and placards are held at quite a different stance near the Capitol than they are near the Smithsonian Metro in the middle of the Mall, after you get past all the step shows and soul food joints.

    Unfortunately, there's almost no communication between the two groups, except for some suspicious looks. Well, and good ole American commerce. The protesters ain't have nowhere to eat, so chicken and ribs it is.

    I was LOL'n all over the place.

  2. That seems to be a wasted opportunity.

    I had to chuckle at the brother in the video being an enterprising capitalist selling US flags to the protesters.

  3. Avery, do you have pictures? I had no idea the Black Family Reunion was held this weekend.

  4. Hang on, this just occurred to me. The first black President deserted DC during Black Family Reunion weekend? I'm assuming that this is a popular well known well established DC event for the black community, and he missed it?


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