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Ghetto Tory

This is an attention getting essay from Loanna Morrison a black Conservative party candidate in the UK. (Via Booker Rising.)I was struck by her firey and unapologetic defense of her political views. I think much of what she says is also applicable to the current American political scene. Below I've provided a list of American political/cultural discourse equivalents as best I could for those unfamiliar with the Queen's English and British politics.

Loanna Morrison: This "ghetto Tory" doesn't care about the social background of the politicians caricatured as "Tory toffs"

I am angered by the constant taunts from the Left that Conservatives are "toffs". Some may be upper class – Eton and all that - but so what? Is it a crime to benefit from a privileged background and a brilliant education as a result of an accident of birth?

I am not a toff so perhaps voters would prefer a “ghetto Tory” running the country? If so, give me space – I'm coming. I am black, a single mother who lived in a council house and with no Oxford University degree to my name. I am also a Tory.

[Conservative Party leader] David Cameron does not need a qualification in poverty to understand the economic challenges facing Britain. Under Labour, the fat cats keep getting fatter and the required tasks for the future of our country are deferred and obfuscated while the chosen few cling to office and quango [quasi non-profit] jobs.

If qualifications are needed, Gordon Brown is singularly unqualified. He has never held a job outside politics. No wonder he and his equally unqualified Cabinet have made such a spectacularly bad job of looking after the poor. Their idea of social mobility is to help only the favoured few climb the greasy pole. The rest of us can go hang. How many Labour ministers send their children to private schools, have private health insurance and take pride in their kids' courage on the field of battle in Afghanistan?

The first thing Tony Blair abolished was the Assisted Places Scheme. Thank goodness I have already used it. We all want our children to be given the best education, to become 'toffs' in the best sense of the term – well-dressed, educated and able to take their place as responsible members of society. It is clear from unchallenged statistics that Labour is not capable of delivering.

The Tories were hounded out of office under John Major for having affairs, not for stealing taxpayers' money. We cannot shift Gordo and his crew, even though their administration is mired in sleaze and corruption. How many Tories have had to resign twice or had more than half their cabinet resign for financial wrongdoing? A politician having a leg over doesn't affect anyone's way of life, nor their pocket."

Labour want you to think they are the party of the poor. Deep down they know Socialism is a flawed ideology which doesn't know how to generate money, only to spend it. The capitalists who are invariably conservative generate cash. Labour have been ousted as closet capitalists marching behind a phoney slogan and a tattered red flag.

I am not into gender or identity politics. I joined the Conservatives because they want what I want and say what I say. If the Tories are the party of privilege, they will know how to give us some of it.

They will create policies for the nation not divide us into interest groups and throw us preferential crumbs. That is why a ghetto Tory like me was selected as a Conservative Parliamentary candidate.

Ghetto Tory= Black (or other group that isn't supposed to identify with conservative types)Conservative
Toffs= privileged rich people, usually presumed to be white
Tory= Conservative/Republican/Right of center types
Council House= The Projects
Labour= Liberals/Democrats/Left of center types
Quango= quasi non-profit


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