Y'all Got Played

Planned Parenthood, NOW, et al got played tonight. Had they not made such a fuss about the Tebow Super Bowl ad I doubt anyone would have noticed it. Instead they made a big stink and got everyone talking and watching. Tebow's story was all over the internet, television and newspapers long before the ad aired tonight. Focus on the Family got far more than they paid for thanks to the hyperventilation of those groups who felt that Focus on the Family shouldn't have been allowed to share their message during the super bowl (hello freedom of speech anyone?).

Can't have women on television talking about how much they love their kids now can we? How is it that this is so objectionable but there's not a peep about other ads that I won't mention? Those are some interesting priorities.

This is the other ad that aired during the pregame festivities.


  1. You want a real hoot? There are some proaborts now getting their knickers in a twist, saying that TIm tacking his mom is advocating domestic violence! I guess Pam's supposed be *feminine*! She should have just done what her doctor told her instead of being strong willed and going after what she wanted! She should leave the roughhousing with the kids to Dad, and stick to waving pom poms. She should have been a proper, timed, mealy-mouthed, fragile little flower of delicate victimhood, suitable for the abortion clinic and for "women's groups" to trumpet as a role model!


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