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Taking It Out On The Kids

Put out by Arizona's law regarding suspected illegal immigrants? Take it out on a high school girls' basketball team in Illinois!

Highland Park basketball team trip to Arizona scrapped

What do a bunch of teenage girls from Illinois playing basketball have to do with this law? Seriously? If some district official wants to take a stand on what's going on in another state use your own life and your own time. Go ahead and inconvenience yourself to do it if you want. Don't go messing with the lives of a bunch of kids to spread your political message.

It's funny that Assistant Superintendent Suzan Hebson, who seems to be responsible for this decision, is claiming "safety concerns." Isn't that one of the reasons why Arizona passed the law in the first place? All the drug violence, kidnappings and so on along the boarder were getting a bit much for them so they decided to take some steps. Presumably this district official felt that Arizona was safe enough before the law was passed so how is it not quite safe enough now? Or is she concerned about the people who feel it necessary to get all rowdy in the streets over this law?

Safety concerns indeed.

The other, perhaps more truthful reason for canceling the trip, is the claim that the trip "would not be aligned with our beliefs and values." Which beliefs and values are those? That students aren't allowed to play basketball in a place that doesn't follow a particular political train of thought? Students' hopes and dreams shouldn't be held hostage to the personal politics of school officials. Yes, yes, I know, fat chance of that happening but it needs to be said nonetheless.

Stop power tripping and let the girls play basketball.



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