Can I tell you something. Got to tell you one thing. If you expect the freedom that you say is yours prove that you deserve it. Help us to preserve it or being free will just be words and nothing more.
Kansas, 1974

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Thankful Thursday

Today I am thankful for/that:
  1. The hot water bottle.

  2. Helping hands, big and little.

  3. Warm sunshine.

  4. Backyard picnics.

  5. Modern medicine.

  6. Freedom.

What are you thankful for?

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    New York, NY–-Ryan Brumberg has resigned his position as a Management Consultant at McKinsey & Company to challenge incumbent Rep. Carolyn Maloney for New York’s 14th Congressional District. Socially liberal and fiscally conservative, Mr. Brumberg is the new breed of the Republican Party.

    Mr. Brumberg outlined his philosophy: “History has repeatedly shown that despite good intentions; corporate bailouts, massive stimulus spending, and heavy corporate regulation will weaken the economic recovery, increase deficits, and drive the country towards bankruptcy. Innovation and private industry, not government and bureaucracy, create sustainable jobs.”

    In challenging Democratic Representative Maloney, candidate Brumberg has pledged to bring a fact-based approach to the nation’s most pressing problems.

    Brumberg elaborated: “The problems facing our economy and finances are too severe to allow ideology—Democratic or Republican—to guide our national decisions. Government needs to be smarter. America should continue to be the envy of the world, and New York the envy of America.”

    Mr. Brumberg’s campaign officially kicked off Thursday night, April 29th, at a fundraising celebration hosted by supporters of Brumberg for Congress. Brumberg has already raised approximately 50% per cent as much campaign funds in the past three weeks, as the prior three Republican candidates raised in the past three elections combined.

    A lifelong New Yorker, Ryan Brumberg grew up just outside of the city. He has deep roots in Manhattan’s East Side, where his family has lived for more than 60 years. He graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Columbia University, with top honors from Stanford Law School, and then returned home to New York City to join McKinsey & Company.

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