What did you say?

I haven't done one of these in a long while but this interaction was just too good for me pass on sharing. The scene, the local super Wegmans, the cheese case way in the back. I'm coming upon hubby and the kids after leaving them to their own devices while I changed the baby in the bathroom at the front of the store. I find Ethan fervently kicking on of the free standing refrigeration units while hubby peruses the yogurt and cheese selections in another unit. I take his arm and pull him away.

Me: Why are you kicking the cheese case?
Ethan: I'm trying to break my leg so I can ride in the cart!

While I cover my face in disbelief, and to keep him from seeing me laughing, he resumes kicking the refrigeration unit. Hubby spent the rest of the trip taking him off on "missions" to get groceries to keep him from trying (ineffectively) to hurt himself so that he could ride in the shopping cart.

Aside from retelling the story I'm still speechless.


  1. While I am certain that the logic made perfect sense to Ethan, I still cannot help laughing right out loud at the visual in my mind. It brought to mind the day two of my granddaughters, both of whom were about 5 or 6 at the time, I think, had a total meltdown together in front of the seafood case, and furiously demanded of the clerk there why he had removed the "baby lobsters" from their "mommies and daddies" in the swimming tank.....(they were crawfish on ice) and the poor man had no idea as to what to say or how to defend himself. In fact, I am not sure he even knew what the two furious little girls were accusing him of having done....lol! Kids are such fun....the entertainment factor is vast!


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