• Beijing police halt unapproved church service. I take a certain amount of pleasure in the knowledge that despite all of the machinations of the Chinese government there is still a thriving christian community in China.

    The NPR story on this, China Cracks Down On Christians At Outdoor Service, reports the following:
    As the worshippers prayed, a policeman appeared in the distance, speaking into his walkie-talkie. I asked the young man whether it would be worth it getting arrested for this, "As long as they don't hang any other labels on me," he replied. "If they say I was detained for my faith, it would be worth it. But if they say there are other political factors, that would be far from the truth."


    The young man spoke up in prayer. "Our brothers and sisters have been detained," he said, but he went on to thank God for this place to worship. All the while, the net of security was slowly closing in. As the service ended, the inevitable happened.
  • Second verse same as the first.
    Egyptian blogger's sentence slammed
    Cairo (CNN) -- An Egyptian military court has sentenced an activist blogger critical of the army to three years in prison, and it did so without his lawyers present, a development that drew stiff condemnation by human rights groups.
  • Twin Lessons: Have More Kids. Pay Less Attention to Them. Interesting premise. Parents have a lot of influence on their kids. I think the wisdom in parenting comes in knowing when and on what to try to exert that influence.
  • This story has been causing quite a stir this week, Chicago school bans some lunches brought from home. To quote my oldest son, uh no. We've had to deal with nonsensical rules about what kids can or can not eat at school. No you can not give milk to my lactose intolerant child I don't care what the lunchroom policy is and why are you wasting a school lunch on another kid who only wants milk? And then there was the propaganda campaign against chocolate milk. Stop freaking the kids their food! You think they're unhealthy now what do you think all of this angst ridden hand wring over what they eat is going to do to them?
  • Now this is disturbing.
    Hat tip Booker Rising.


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