About Them Hobbits

So John McCain called Tea Party folk hobbits like it was supposed to be an insult which led me to wonder if he, and others who picked up the "insult," had actually read the Lord of the Rings books. In the books the hobbits are the good guys. Small and unassuming no one thinks much of them as warriors but they are nonetheless the ones who manage to do what the great warriors and magicians before them were unable to do. They resisted the lure of the Dark Lord's magic, resisted the seduction of the power of the One Ring, and destroyed the Dark Lord. So if the Tea Party folk and the people they support are the hobbits who are Gollum, Denethor, Saruman, and Sauron to name a few?

Why don't we have some fun with this and assign LOTR roles to the cast of characters in Washington DC? For the purists specify movie LOTR or book LOTR and make your case for your choice in the comments.


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