Smoke and Mirrors

I'm a bit late to the discussion about the scary evangelicals trying to take over the government. Honestly it seems like the usual boogie man created to scare people who want all of their worst stereotypes about evangelical Christians confirmed. Same old same old. This comment caught my eye the other day though.
Bill Keller, Fiscal Conservatives and fear of a past that never existed
“Unemployment is 9.1%, the economy is in the tank and you’re worried about a candidate’s position on how old the planet is?”

After all to a guy who has just finished his 99 weeks of unemployment and is on food stamps no issue is more vital than if the world is 6000 or 600,000,000,000 billion years old!

Well when you put it that way... Here's hoping that people recognize all of the fuss for the smoke and mirrors show that it is.


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