Stuff That Makes You Go Hmmmmm

So here's what I've been reading online and mulling over so far this week.

  • Texas unemployment is not quite what it seems on first glance.

  • Remember when California said to Amazon, give us all your moneies and Amazon said, Uh no? Well that's not working out so well for California.

  • Tea Party Activist Confronts the President

  • Tea partier heckles Obama: Why are you talking about civility when Biden’s calling us terrorists?

  • What Obama’s Brush with the Tea Party Reveals About Him

  • How Feminism Became a Joke

  • The Nefarious Kansas Preacher provides 'Some observations and thoughts on my experience at the Madison 'Sing-a-long.'"

  • Neurodiversity, Quality Of Life, And Autistic Adults: Shifting Research And Professional Focuses Onto Real-Life Challenges
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