Tales From The Crib

Things head in my house of late.

  • "Give me my money back," wailed the ten year old boy and six year old girl who have been bickering over some spare change they had collected.
    "No. You just made a deposit at the Bank of Mom." Like every other bank out there these days I'm not lending any money.

  • The three year old trying to comfort her ten year old brother who is not pleased about getting his hair washed, "It's okay honey. I'm right here."

  • "Want hot dog. Stand up!" Said the nine year old. As far as he's concerned if he puts the effort into actually speaking to you you had better be ready to act.

  • "It's proven remove stains and whiten teeth? Wow! I didn't know that!" So says the six yeard old girl upon reading the text on the package of gum.

  • "I'm big and I can get up!" Said the three year old jumping up on her birthday to prove her point.

  • "No no no no no no no!" So said the old year old as I put a daiper back on him thereby thwarting his plans.

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