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When Politicians Pray

Funny how political opportunists have such a hard time believing someone would do something because they think it's the right thing to do rather than the politically expedient thing to do.
Gov. Perry Tries To Keep Focus On God, Not Politics
In the weeks leading up to it, the gathering had been widely criticized as a cynical creation of the governor to get an early lock on the religious right. Critics took note of the involvement of religious/political activists — men like David Lane and David Barton, well known in the Lone Star State for their talents at mobilizing Christian voters.

Perry shrugged off such talk.

"He's a wise God and he's wise enough to not be affiliated with any political party," he said to applause.

Outside, protesters lined the sidewalk, holding signs that read slogans like, "Pastor Perry Must Resign." Some of the demonstrators belonged to an atheist organization that sued unsuccessfully to stop the event, called The Response. Overhead, a small plane pulled a banner reading: "God keep state, church separated."
Meanwhile the people prayed.
"Take this time, Lord God, and allow it to infiltrate our lives. Not just this Saturday at Reliant Stadium, but father God everyday — in streets, home, cities, counties, Lord God," he said, "across our nation light a fire."

More than choosing a candidate for president, this is the hope that most people at the revival seemed to want to take home.
The comments on this article at the NPR website are pretty typical. They are chock full of stereotypes, Stereotypical liberals/atheists/skeptics criticizing the stereotypical caricatures they cling so firmly to of Christians, Republicans, and conservatives. I can't decide if it's sad or funny.

By the way, what was President Obama doing this weekend?


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