The Right Way to Think About Autism

To mind my this is the only viable way to view autistic individuals. Wonderful, beautiful, gifted, challenged, a gift from God.

Mike Huckabee and the Colsons: Beautiful, Christian Autism Segment on Fox News
I love the commitment to family and to love beyond oneself that faith often awakens in others. This segment from Mike Huckabee's show on Fox News demonstrates how Christian values can open up a deeper and more meaningful conversation about people with autism than what we usually see on TV.

The story of how Emily Colson and the people of her congregation figured out how to make her son Max not only feel included, but actually be an important part of their community isn't just about feeling good-- it's a great model. Start with the part that works well, then expand from there. Find what the autistic person can do and let him do it. Pay attention and create opportunities based on what he expresses interest in.

and this is from someone who describes themselves as a cranky old atheist. Please click through to watch the videos of the interview.


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