Tales From The Crib

Things heard in my house of late.

  • "No don't pick my nose!" I don't know who was trying to pick her nose but the three year old was not about to let it happen.

  • "It was not a baby gorilla! It's a baby yeti, abominable snowman! It is not a baby gorilla!" The six year old correcting the three year old on...something or the other. Those really know how to have an argument.

  • "Don't do that." The fifteen month old repeating one of his nana's favourite phrases. Usually right after he's done something he wasn't supposed to do.

  • "Get outta the frigerator," said the nine year old via his Dynavox. He spends a lot of time lurking in the refrigerator like any growing boy should. And we spend a lot of time trying to slow the rate at which he is eating us out of house and home.
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