Tread Lightly

Cross posted at NeuroDiversity Consulting blog.

I'm really torn about this, Top Five Reasons You Should Never Piss Off an Autism Mom. On one hand it illustrates some of the unpleasantness of parenting autistic individuals. You and your children are constantly subjected to overly judgmental remarks from strangers, family and friends, you and your child are constantly struggling to understand each other, as a parent you are already on edge and consumed with guilt and fear that you are not doing enough for your loved one, you fear that the comments that you are not a good enough parent are true.

At the same time I feel we owe more to our children than the caricature of the angry ill tempered shrew that this list presents. Yes the lives we live as parents of autistic individuals are hard but our children are worth all of the struggle. We fight because our children are worth fighting for. Parents need to take care to share that message rather than the message that their children are a crushing burden. Autism is only a tragedy if you choose to make it one.


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