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Kansas, 1974

Friday, December 02, 2011

Tales From The Crib

Things said in my house of late.

Me: Okay ladies! To your rooms.
Big Haired Toddler: Mommy, there aren't two girls rooms! There's just one girls room.
She said it with that tone of voice that says, get on the ball lady you should know this.

Me: What's on your face?
Big Haired Toddler: Makeup.
Me: Where'd you get it?
Big Haired Toddler: The kids' bathroom.
Me: Is there any left?
Big Haired Toddler: Yeah.
Me: Go get it for me.
Big Haired Toddler: Why?

Daughter: Mommy there's no room in this drawer.
Me: Well, we'll just have to get rid of some stuff.
Daughter: Uh, that's a you option. That's not a me option.

Baby: "Roar! Roar! Roar!"
Ever since he figured out how to do it he just goes around the house roaring for no apparent reason.

Big haired toddler reassuring me that the "makeup" on her face is really marker, "Trust me! I did it to myself!" Oh I believe you dear.

Son: [singing] Boyz in the sink! The boys are back! Boyz in the sink! The boys are back!
Daughter: Stop it, you're bringing back bad memories. Psych, just kidding.
Son: You mean I'm just irritating?
Boyz in the Sink for those not familiar with them.

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