Autistic Self Advocates and Autism Parent Advocates: Updated

There's an interesting dialogue going on at The Thinking Person's Guide to Autism between a autism parent advocate and an autistic self advocate.

  • The Self-Advocate/Parent Dialogues, Day One: Zoe

  • The Self-Advocate/Parent Dialogues, Day Two: Robert Rummel-Hudson

  • Parents and self advocates are often at odds within the autism community each seeing the other as having entirely different agendas. For my part as a parent of autistic children I see my job as being to raise responsible autistic adults. As a parent advocate it's my job to educate the people around myself and my children about the need to value and respect the voices of my children and those like them. Parent advocates and self advocates need to figure out how to be on the same side otherwise society will eat both groups alive, so to speak.

    Update: Part three of this conversation is up, The Self-Advocate/Parent Dialogues, Day Three: Ari Ne'eman


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