Fan mail about the pagan roots of Christmas

I got my computer back this evening to find this email message waiting for me.
Hi, Sage. Just a word to let you know that I discovered and enjoyed your Uncle Sam's Cabin site.
Concerning your 'pagan origins of Christmas' post; the winter cover of the festival of Saturnalia also gave persecuted Christians an opportunity to gather and celebrate their faith in relative safety. The authorities couldn't tell who was celebrating what during this feast period, behind closed doors. Many faiths do share certain aspects of the Christian faith; a messianic figure, justice, punishment for bad behavior, etc. Regardless of ethnic and national origin, humans also share facial expressions - but that isn't proof that one group of people 'borrowed' the facial expressions of others for their own use.
You may enjoy my faithmouse cartoon, which is seen and/or linked on over 225 web sites. Please stop by sometime and visit!

God bless,
Dan Lacey
Interesting cartoons.


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