Pagan roots of Christmas

Why do people talk about the pagan roots of Christmas as if that is something to show how hypocritical Christians are and make us go slinking off in shame? The dominant expression of Christmas in the world is the result of the Christianization of non-Christian customs. What, pray tell, is wrong with that?

Several hundred years ago the church fathers realised that their converts needed something to do while their non-Christian contemporaries celebrated their various winter festivals. While those around them hoped and prayed to nature and various false gods for the return of light, warmth, and the promise of new life in spring Christians began celebrating the promise of eternal life in the birth of Christ. This, I think, is a marvelous example of the transforming power of Jesus Christ. Even a pagan ritual can be transformed to reveal the truth of God. As more people became Christians they brought with them those aspects of their former lives that pointed to God's truth.

Why get all hot and bothered about Christmas? Anyway, like I said before,

Merry Christmas! May you know first hand the love that made God take on our frail human form and submit himself to death on the cross to pay for our sins.

Hat tip Booker Rising


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