Don Filiberto update

See here and here for background.
1.Don Filiberto's legal investigation may be coming to a close. There is convincing evidence of his innocence-and really no evidence against him! Pray that he may be released soon. Pray for the legal system to act justly, based on truth and justice. Pray for his case to be resolved before the current judge is moved to another area.

2.Thank God for the strong church within the jail and Don Filiberto's witness there. Pray for wisdom for us as we seek to reach out to the families of the prisoners.

We looked at chapter 24 of Acts in Bible study this week. The chapter details Paul's trip to Caesarea after being rescued from the mob by Lysias, commander of the Roman soldiers in Jerusalem. Paul spent 2 years in prison in Caesarea even though the Roman authorities didn't think he actually did anything wrong. In those two years he regularly met with Felix, the governor of Caesarea. Paul also likely had many opportunities to witness to Felix's entourage, the prison guards, and everyone else that he came in to contact with. How many were exposed to the gospel because of Paul's imprisonment? How many are being exposed to the gospel because of Don Filiberto's imprisonment?


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