Koran desecration may not have happened

La Shawn Barber has an extensive collection of links and trackbacks about this, Newsweek's rather weak apology, and the retraction.

NPR is reporting this morning that the Newsweek story about desecration of the koran can't be authenticated. Still no comment though about the complete idiocy of rioting over a book. NPR audio will be online by 10:00 AM ET.

See also Ramblings' Journal: "Newsweek lied, people died --Turk 182"
You have got to be kidding me

Update: Baldilocks says,
Note to those who are blowing the intentions of the “religious right” out of proportion: if Christians were to riot the next time some so-called artist puts a crucifix in a bucket full of urine, that would be religious extremism and then it would be time to worry about Christians. Wake me when it happens.
(Hat tip The Anchoress)


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