NYC Subway, Bus Operators Strike
Transit Strike Hobbles New York City

I just got off of the phone with Sis 2 in New York City. She's been waiting on line outside for about 3 hours now to buy a ticket on the Long Island Railroad so she can get to work. It's about 22 degrees there according to her. She's also got Sis 3 with her who still has to go to school today. Dad would have given her a ride to school but teachers only have a one hour starting delay while students have a two hour starting delay. And there's no way for Sis 3 to get from dad's school to her own.

Sis 2 is not happy about the situation but she says she doesn't blame the transit workers union. Dad's a teacher and the teacher's in NYC have been with out a contract for several years now. The starting salary for a police officer in NYC is $26,000 (which I think is low) in part, she believes, because police officers can't strike to get a better deal out of the city. I'm philosophically opposed to unions but I'll trust her assessment of this case.

I've been promised a blog post (here it is) from Sis 2 in the event that she makes it to work and back with out having a break down. She seemed fairly calm while I was talking to her.

Update: The Transit Workers Union has a blog. Comments are currently enabled. There seems to be a mixed bag of abusive and supportive comments there.

GOP and the City is strike blogging and isn't sympathetic to the transit workers at all.

(Hat tip Wizbang.)

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