Face the evil

"For the evil that can come, from the heart of a man
Must be answered in kind 'til it disappears
And we're safe
Icarus II

Those words have been playing in my head over and over again as the world turns around me. As Iran rattles its nuclear saber. As the government of Nepal disintegrates. As the government of Mexico happily foists its citizens upon the US. As we do battle in Iraq. As the Sudanese country side and its citizens are laid to waste. As the Sudanese conflict bleeds over into Chad (literally and figuratively). As Chinese citizens struggle under the oppression of their government. (Do I really need to give you a link for this? The way people are treated in China is legend, here's one any way.)

All of the above is, as the saying goes, just the tip of the iceberg. I wonder sometimes if anyone understands that if we want peace we have to fight (and I don't mean metaphorically) long and hard for it? Do we understand that it may not come in our life time? Are we willing to pay the blood price of peace? Are we willing to pay that price on the behalf of others? Are we willing to pay the price for ourselves? There is a lot of evil in the heart of mankind. Do we have what it takes to over come it or are we going to step quietly and hope that it doesn't notice us? Sometimes I wonder. I really wonder.


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