We went on a family visit to the family doctor today (the boys had a snow day so they got to come along). Turns out that I've very likely got strep throat courtesy of Isaiah and the adventures leading up to his ER trip. Doc took a throat culture just to be sure. In any case I'm quite miserable with headaches, neck aches, and congestion. I can't believe Isaiah went through all of this without any fussing! My poor baby, that kid is a rock.

Doc told me that I shouldn't be taking ibuprofen during my pregnancy. That was a real blow since it was the only thing that would take care of the aches and pains. Tylenol is soooooo not cutting it! My head feels like it's going to fall off. I can't stop thinking of how miserable Isaiah must have felt before we figured out what was wrong with him. (Of course he really didn't appreciate any of his visits to the doctor or the trip to the ER or the saline I used to wash out his nose.)

Until the antibiotics kick in and give my body a chance to heal I'll be cuddled up with my hot water bottle giving thanks that my little bubba is all better now.


  1. wow.. long distance hug.. do u need a visit from the neurotic sister fairy? or a get well care package? Tylenol does nothing.. what about naprosin based products (aleve and such) are those allowable while you are preggers?

  2. None of the good stuff is allowed when you're pregnant. Mostly because no one has taken the time to find out if it is safe or not. A care package and a visit would be nice. I can't get ahead of the house work.

  3. Oh Sam - sorry to hear about it all.

    LOTSA chicken soup - and as much rest as you can get with little kids around!

  4. I stayed upright after getting back from the rounds at the doc's and pharmacy to load up the slow cooker and the bead machine. Something about knowing just how sick I am always inspires me to cook. I ate beef stew all day today.

    My throat feels better already but I've still got the headaches and cough. I refused to get out of bed today except for emergencies. Thank goodness it's Saturday and hubby was home most of the day. The kids were relatively well behaved too.


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