Will they prove to be above reproach?

Today is supposed to be the day of reckoning for a select group of prosperity gospel megachurches.
'Prosperity Gospel' Churches' Spending Reports Due.
Monday is the deadline for some popular mega-churches to report to Congress on how they spend their money. These churches all preach wealth as an essential part of faith.

Steve Inskeep speaks with religion professor Anthea Butler about "prosperity gospel."

These churches have long been critisied for unethical financial practices. I'm not expecting much. There is something firmly planted in the American mind that the government can't hold religious types accountable for their actions. Things never go well when religious folk think themselves above or outside of secular law and responsibilities. That's the same kind of attitude that perpetuates the Catholic priest child sex abuse scandals.

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  1. They are accountable to their members for their expenses and to the I.R.S., not congress. And even if they are using the money for things that seem opposite to the church, if it is within the guidelines of their tax exempt status, so be it.

    They are right to tell congress to shove off, IMO. If if I find the spending of some of them to be questionable, at best.


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