Rememberance is Not Enough

I will never forget the images of policemen, firemen, and everyday people rushing through the streets toward the danger. I will never forget the dust covered survivors grimly making their way toward the danger looking for people to help knowing that they had lost many friends and colleagues. I will never forget those who flocked to New York City to bring supplies and encouragement to weary rescue workers. Even in the midst of the horror birthed in the minds of men we saw the courage, the goodness and the heroism that can be borne in our hearts. I can never, will never, look away from the images of that day from New York City, Washington D.C. and Shanksville, Pennsylvania. Through tear filled eyes I will look and remember those who died, those who sacrificed and give thanks for those who lived.

It's not enough to merely remember on this day. We must remember every day. We must teach our children to do better than the black hearts that planned that day. We must live lives worthy of the sacrifices made that day and since for our safety and freedom. The most troubling thought for me when I think of 9/11 is that we are not worthy of the sacrifice made that day and in the years since.


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