What would Jesus eat???

New Diet Plans Take Cue From the Bible
SHELBY, N.C. -- The Rev. George Malkmus (search) often preaches about how he believes the world of proper eating began -- or, in his opinion, vegan. "The Lord gave us everything we need in the Garden of Eden: fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds," the preacher-turned-diet adviser said in an interview at Hallelujah Acres, his North Carolina headquarters. "That's why we call the way we eat the 'Hallelujah Diet.' (search) We celebrate its true creator."

Malkmus's diet is one of a batch of Bible-based eating plans flooding bookstores and health food stores. Last summer's "What Would Jesus Eat?" (search) by Dr. Don Colbert, encourages eating non-animal-derived "living foods" and eschewing most "dead" or processed foods.

Malkmus's diet -- which draws, he says, from Genesis 1:29 (search) -- bans all animal products except for honey and promotes an 80 percent raw diet.

And there's the newest addition to the growing Christian health genre, Jordan S. Rubin's"The Maker's Diet." (search) Drawn from the book of Leviticus, Rubin's diet encourages eating certain meat and dairy products and warns against an all-raw, vegan regimen.

"The healthiest diet is to consume meats, poultry, dairy, fruits and vegetables and to consume them in a form the body was designed for," Rubin said. He advises eating foods in their most organic and least-processed forms. Dairy, for instance, should not be pasteurized and defatted and pumped with hormones but rather taken as a yogurt drink derived from raw, fermented milk.

I was gonna write a diatribe about how foolish this all is but then between a squirmy 3 year old and a Blogger hiccup it got lost. I don't feel like trying to reconstruct it all so I will just trust that you are all intelligent enough to see this stuff for the utter foolishness that it is.

Okay, okay, I can't help it. Just one comment. We don't live in the Garden of Eden so why on earth should we try to eat like we do? Do any of these people have any clue about the nutritional requirements of the human body or how to actually fulfill those requirements? Apparently not.

Whatever the reasons are for people's problems with food it isn't that they don't know what God's perfect diet is.


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