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Two billboards in Michigan decrying the rate of abortion within the African-American community are being criticized as racist because they feature the image of black baby, reports the Flint Journal.

The billboards in Flint were put up across the street from abortion clinics and feature messages calling abortion the "No. 1 killer of African Americans."

Angela Lee, program director for Flint Area Citizens to End Racism, said there were some “concerns” in the community about the campaign. "There were those who thought the image of the black baby on the billboards is the root of racism," she said.

From Tongue Tied.

Why is it racist to claim that abortions are killing black babies? According to the CDC black women do indeed have abortions, lots of them. Why is it racist to publish a picture of a black baby? There is something very wrong with that claim but I just can't put my finger on it. Could it be that people are really upset that someone is challenging the abortion industry's hold on the minds of black women?


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