Same old same old: "In it for the money"

You would think these people would come up with some original insults for black conservatives. But apparently we don't rate high enough for that honour so it's the same old "in it for the money" tripe again (I blogged about that last month). Michael King of Ramblings' Journal tells all about the latest attack by the NAACP on the folks who haven't drunk their special koolaid (I usually try to not say stuff like that but I'm really mad today and don't feel like trying to be nice).

NAA(L)CP attacks Project 21 and other black conservatives
"I wondered how long it would take before the NAACP began to go after black conservative organizations like Project 21.

NAACP president Kweisi Mfume did just that in a speech Monday at their national convention in Philadelphia."

Mfume's remarks included the usual accusations that black conservatives are just paid mouth pieces for whitey in his effort to keep black folk down. We are apparently just tools of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy (VRWC). As if we couldn't possibly have an original thought of our own.

Do you think if I asked the NAACP they would tell me who's giving out the checks so I could go get one?


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