The opening ceremonies

I should go to bed but I want to watch the opening ceremonies of the Olympics to the end. Here are my observations of the night so far.

I actually got warm fuzzies when the Afghan delegation entered the stadium. My eyes started to get misty, I was expecting that at all. And they had a woman carrying their flag. My how times have changed! The other women in the delegation weren't wearing the oppressive burkas that so many had to wear for so long. They were wearing beautiful garments traditionally worn by the women of the tribes in the region.

Well what do you know, the US delegation wasn't booed out of the stadium. The way some folks talk you would think we were utterly despised by all foreigners.

Almost as loud as the cheer for the US was the cheer for Iraq. I got all teary eyed but I didn't blubber like a baby as I expected I would. Who was the lovely young lady dressed up like Babylonian royalty?

By contrast the reception of the Iranian delegation that followed immediately after seemed like stone cold silence. And their dour faces were a stark contrast to the Iraqis' great smiles. And what's this business about one of the Iranian athletes pulling out of competition because he didn't want to face off against an Israeli opponent? Grow up already!

Speaking of Israelis, there are some really blond Israelis in their delegation. It almost hurt my eyes (really!) to look at them they were so white. This from a woman who married a white guy who gets sunburned sitting in the shade wearing sunblock!

The Brits are also sporting the word "Roots" on their jackets. The US delegation wore caps (ala LL Cool J) with the word "Roots" on them. Are the Brits showing a bit of solidarity with their former colonial underlings?

They cut to a commercial when Barbados was due to enter the stadium! I was robbed! The nations that followed them had some really interesting costumes and I had to miss them so someone could try to sell me stuff? What is up with all of the commercial breaks any way? I want to see the parade of nations not people hawking stuff to me. I didn't stay up late for that.

And why must the commentators talk through Bjork's performance. I know she's weird and all but come on guys. I wanted to hear her sing!

Well the torch is lit now so I'm going to bed. Good night.


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