Russian school hostage situation

According to Jihad Watch Russian soldiers stormed the building and engaged the terrorists. 4 or 5 children dead so far. I'm see what else I can find.

I knew there was no way this would end well as did the children's parents. Were I in their position I'd be swinging back and forth between wanting to rip throats out with my bare hands and crying hysterically. Although I suppose at some point I would run out of tears.

Fox News: Russians Storm School; at Least 7 Killed
Yahoo News: Bloody Shootout Ends Russian School Siege (hat tip to LaShawn) Russian Troops Storm School as Hostages Break Out (Update1) (hat tip to Instapundit who reminds us, "That could be happening here, and sooner or later it will if we don't win this war first.")
MSNBC: Russian authorities claim control of school, has some history at the end about what the "rebels" have been up to over the years.

Update: Hostages shot in the back, more here, and here.
Fox News: More Than 200 Said Killed in Russia Siege


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