That's just wrong

This is all unbearably pathetic.
CBS News lied and forged their on-air documents, Ramblings' Journal.
Feckless Friends Of Kerry Fooled By Forgeries, La Shawn Barber.
Stop It Now, True Or False?, Baldilocks.
Forgeries?, "Get real", AP weighs in, Ain't competition grand, More on purported forgeries, World Magazine Blog.
Instapundit has lots of links start at the top for today and work your way down.

This has got to be one of the most pathetic political stunts I have ever seen. I went to bed last night hoping I would wake up to find that this was all a very bad dream. No such luck. I hope the idiot(s) responsible for this gets some jail time. We can't be having this kinda mess, it degrades the whole political process. It turns it into a gruesome parody of some teeny bopper popularity contest with the fate of millions of Americans hanging in the balance. We are in a contest for the leader of the free world this is not the time to be pulling juvenile stunts like this.


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