Family politics

Sis 1 called up last night to do a survey for her statistics class. You know, are you male or female, what county do you live in, do you plan to vote, and who are you going to vote for? According to hubby (he talked to sis 1 more than I did about the survey) my mom's response to "who are you going to vote for" was, "Is this a trick question?" Sis 2 is still on the down low regarding he political affiliation.

Update 6:09 PM: I was just on the phone with sis 2. She and my parents are on their way to their polling place. While we were talking I realised that this is the first election where all the adults in the family are eligible to vote. Cool. Sis 3 (a natural born citizen) will be old enough to vote in 5 years. Then it will be a real family affair.


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