Goings on in Fallujah

The entire world is focused for days on a single shooting in Fallujah, yet we had maybe 40 seconds of "Hostage Slaughterhouses". Two bullets fired by an American gets more press than any three car bombs killing and wounding dozens. What is WRONG with these people?
Joel Gaines
No Pundit Intended

1. Thousands of Arabs from different countries have been killed or captured. Some were from Iran, checksum, Afghanistan and other countries.
2. Several sites for beheadings tortures and videoing
3. Captured victims with miserable states
4. Mutilated bodies and one of them was a limbless body for a western woman whose throat was cut, face was disfigured and her limbs were amputated!
5. Large amounts of weapons and using worship places for that.
6. Lists of those who were kidnapped and beheaded and other lists of names of targeted people
7. Some documents related to the previous beheaded hostages like the Passport of the Japanese S Kudo who was beheaded few weeks ago!

The leader of the terrorists group which call itself (Jayish Mohammad) has been captured in Falluja. This terrorists group was responsible for many kidnapping, killing, bombing and video shows. Many members of the same group and other terrorist group have been captured.

It is very interesting to notice that kidnapping, beheading, suicidal bombs and alike significantly decreased since Falluja freed from the terrorists. The problem is Al Jazeera TV lost its masked customers! We suggest for them to fake a video in the next few days about beheading of a wild dog kidnapped by the terrorists. The terrorists demanded that if the wild dogs not withdraw from Falluja they will kill the kidnapped dog who was arrested helping the occupied forces.

The thing that upsets me alot about this is it gets caught on camera and it's like a new thing "evil" Americans have invented. I dont expect ANY better treatment then to be shot in cold blood by the enemy in Iraq....Before it was the Sniper that had to be feared of being tortured without mercy and then probably killed, but with this enemy you can even be a [expletive] civilian and expect to slowly getting your head chopped off.

I honestly wanna say I feel sorry for the poor bastard in the Mosque, but I can't help but think of all the beheadings I see and the fellow soldiers I've known who have been killed. It sickens me to watch the middle east get so upset over this and then call something like chopping a civilians head off as a legitimate resistance. If that is legitimate resistance, then I guess shooting a guy while he is wounded could be considered legitimate self defense.
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