How to dodge a question 101

Assume all questions put to you are rhetorical and therefore do not need to be answered. Assume that the people who asked the questions aren't interested in the answers anyway. Example:
" haven't answered any of the questions put to you by anyone here."

"The questions asked here are rhetorical. People already have my answer so why should I bother. People who have so much invested in 'white assimilation' are too biased to seriously introspect why that is and what is says about how they really feel about black people."
(See here for more context.)

Honestly, how can you just roll up on somebody and start mouthing off about "white assimilation," "white things," "black things," and start making judgments about the value that people place on their culture based on who they associate with and then clam up when you are asked to explain your self?


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