What's up in Ukraine

TulipGirl and Discoshaman have been blogging the goings on in Ukraine for the past few days I'll link some of the first and last posts (as of this posting) from their blogs.
Ukrainian Election Run-Off
Ukraine Election Update
Post-Election Ukraine
"The struggle is just starting!"
$21 Million Dollar Bribe?

A Dispatch from the Barricades in Kiev!
Update from Kiev
Photos from the Front
Behind the Scenes -- How and Why the Ukrainian Election was Stolen, Part I
More from Independence Square

NPR has been doing some great live reporting from Ukraine.

I can't help but compare the reaction of the Ukrainian people to that of folk here in the US who when their party lost the election (a fair one I might add) actually contemplated leaving the country. If it's important to you stay and fight just as the Ukrainians have.


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