Rolling with the Brotherhood

The expansion of the Conservative Brotherhood has caught the attention of Wizbang. Predictably some folk don't like it. We're racist, uncle toms, and what not for getting to together to share common ideas and goals. Whatever. That hood rat un-Christian part of my personality just rolled her eyes, sucked her teeth, and said bite me. These people can fuss and name call all they want. I'm not going to change just to suit them. Some others of the Brotherhood have laid the smack down quite nicely over in the comments at Wizbang. They've also blogged about it. I particularly like Baldilocks' opening line, "Some people get nervous when too many blacks gather in one place." That gave me a good laugh. It's something one of my sisters would say.

Ambra and Booker Rising comment as well.

Check out the rest of the Brotherhood.

La Shawn Barber
Booker Rising
Michael D. Cobb Bowen
Tavares Forby
Demond S. Hunter
Michael H. King
Ambra Nykol
Juliette Ochieng
Joseph C. Phillips
Samantha Pierce
Shay Riley
Darmon C. Thornton
Avery Tooley
Scott Wickham


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