Bombing reports in London


Seems like jokers are at it again in London. According to Fox News they may be nail bombs. Four sites so far. Not much info available yet. (The story at the link has been updated.)

Incident reported on London Underground

Not much on Wizbang yet updated. Just two posts down there's this, London Bombing Mastermind Captured In Pakistan.

Update 8:53 AM EDT
Breaking: Explosions Reported in Londing

Apparently things may have not gone down as the bombers may have wanted.

Update 9:00 AM EDT
From Terrorism Unveiled, Breaking: More London Bombings?
Whoever these attackers are, they went undetected after the crackdown immediately after the July 7 attack. So, if this is closely linked to the previous attacks (other than a random urge to be a copycat), then al-Qaida has to be involved in order to plan such a meticulous strategy that would go undetected even after the first bombing.

It represents a high level of operational security, bombers who are well trained and well composed as to not attract attention of police/intelligence after the first bombings, and to be able to successfully bomb again suggests a higher level of planning that hallmarks AlQaida.

Update 9:06 AM EDT
London police are saying that this isn't a major incident yet but they have pretty much closed down the city.

Update 9:20 AM EDT
Hazmat teams heading into the three subway stations (a prudent precaution). Don't know what they're doing with the bus. Every time these things happen I always think, gosh all of those stunned people milling around would make easy targets for a terrorist. If I've thought it they most certainly have.

Update 9:26 AM EDT
London Police Evacuate Train Stations, Bus
Two weeks after suicide attacks on subway stations and a bus, police evacuated three subway stations and a bus after reports of smoke and an explosion Thursday. Police said one person was hurt but it was not a "major incident."

The bus operator said the windows of the double-decker bus were blown out.

Police announced they were sending emergency teams to the Warren Street, Shepherds Bush and Oval stations after reports at lunch time of unspecified incidents. One witness told Sky TV that another subway passenger told him a backpack exploded at the Warren Street station and there were reports of smoke.

La Shawn Barber
If only authorities would stop and search Middle Eastern-looking men with backpacks headed for public transit systems, they could prevent most of these suicide bombings. But they'd rather feel me up in the airport than "offend" homicidal Muslim maniacs.

I'm sure the fur will fly over that remark.

It seems a bit unseemly to me though to turn on the British so soon after these terror attacks.

Update 9:53 AM EDT
Prime Minister Blair to make remarks somewhere around 10:15 AM EDT.

Update 10:04 AM EDT
Any jokers who want to argue that this madness is a response (legitimate or other wise) to the foreign policy of the US and other Western nations need to read this.
This brings me back to the issue of pretext. I believe that radical Islamic groups have been playing the card of victim hood with a mastery like none other. To what end? The end, I believe, is a re-assertion of the glory of the Muslim Arabic world. And nothing aids that goal like the perception that Muslim Arabs are none other than victims of Western wrongdoing. For the status of victim, which the Muslim Arabic world in general enjoys in the West these days, inclines people to excuse and to be merciful with regard to the very acts of terrorism that aid that end.

If U.S. world dominance is wrong, this is not because Muslim Arabic world dominance is right. Surely not.

Update 10:30 AM EDT
Michell Malkin: Not Again

And as is usually the case with these kinds of things Mr. Blair seems to be running a bit late in making his statement about these attacks.

10:42 AM EDT He's on.

10:47 AM EDT
Totally random and inconsequential observation. The Australian accent seems to be to the British accent what the southern accent is to the northern accecnt in the US.

Instapundit: "JEEZ, I CAN'T EVEN GO TO THE GYM without some Al Qaeda bozos trying to blow up London. Luckily, this week's effort seems pretty lame so far compared to two weeks ago." I was wondering where he's been.

10:58 AM EDT
A reporter asks if Blair feels responsible for putting people in harms way. How? By upsetting the terrorists with his policies. What the...

Howard responds, the attacks in Bali (which took 88 Australian lives) took place before Iraq as did 9/11.

Blair, roots of this are deep. It goes back over 10 years. They (terrorists) want us to say it's our fault. Terrorists are responsible for their own actions.

11:10 AM EDT
The US embassy in London is closing. A hospital near the Warren Street station has also been cordoned off.

11:28 AM EDT
Jihad Watch: Tube passengers' horror after Underground 'incidents'
Fox is reporting no trace of chemical agents found. Police confirm explosions on three subways and a bus. There are reports that only the detonators exploded, not the bombs. A man was lead away from 10 Downing Street by police. University Hospital near Warren St. subway was in lockdown after a suspicious man wearing a sweatshirt with wires sticking from it was spotted.

Are we seeing a stand off at the hospital?

12:23 PM EDT
London Bombing Alert Update from Wizbang.


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