Words of Honor

Hubby and I went to a Proto-Kaw concert while in New York City last week. It was a great concert. One of the songs they performed was written in the days following sometime after the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon (see Jeremy's comment below). It's a beautiful song and I thought I'd share the lyrics with you. You can find a link to audio here and lyrics to other songs from the CD Before Became After here.

Words of Honor

Words of honor
Words of peace
Words of comfort, that never cease
Bringing freedom, across the earth
Tell a story of endless worth

Deeds of valor
Deeds of old
Raise the standard
For the weak and for the bold
Till the nations, find release
In words of wisdom, words of peace
Words of honor, a world at peace

Long the days where we could toss our bread upon the waters
And see beyond the veil of tears we sow
For soon we walk in fields of sun and trace the path we follow
That takes us to a place we've yet to know
Where we'll stand in the latter rain
Purge away every stain
As we stand in the latter rain

Bind the future
In your vow
Bravely walking, toward the end
Til every enemy can name you friend
With words of honor, words of peace
Words of comfort, that never cease


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