Adventures in motherhood


I came downstairs this morning after showering and taping off around the trim in our bathroom (I'm still painting it) to find Ethan painting his feet and the kitchen floor. Thankfully it was the kids' water washable paint that I had added soap to so clean up was easy.

I eventually went back upstairs to paint the trim in the bathroom. When I came back downstairs so hubby could leave I found the floors in the kitchen and livingroom strangely sticky. After I asked him about it hubby volunteered that Ethan had been in the kitchen painting the floor with soap.

Again after hubby came home I went back to taping and painting in the bathroom. I heard some yelling and crying from downstairs over the noise of the bathroom fan. I was working with oil based paint so stopping in the middle of painting to go see what was going on wasn't really an option. So I left hubby to fend for himself.

Hubby left again and I came downstairs to mop the sticky soap film up off of the floors. I found the mop on the floor in the downstairs bathroom not in the sink where I had left it. The sink and floor were wet and suspiciously clean looking. There were fragments of a brown glass bottle on the sink. There were also tell tale splashes of paint and little paint foot prints from the bathroom, through the kitchen, to the front door. I also found this on the kitchen counter.

Those are Ethan's hand prints you can tell by the curve in the pinky fingers. I'm hoping I get the story on how it all went down.

Update (Saturday night) Hubby finally told me what he knows of the story. It's convoluted enough that he's going to have to tell you himself. As crazy as it is it's about normal for our house.


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