Damned if he does and damned if he doesn't

President Bush took responsibility for the failures all around in response to Hurricane Katrina. This of course does not satisfy those who have despised the President from day one. The piece below was lifted from the comments section here. It just about sums up what people really say about the President.
I find many of my liberal friends are in a bit of a muddle over Katrina. They know that somehow it's all Bush's fault, but they're not sure how to frame the argument. I made a couple of these handy crib sheets, then went to Kinko's to laminate them against crocodile tears:

If: President Bush returns to Washington DC to work the disaster from the Oval Office. Then: He's out-of-touch with the situation on the ground. He should be at the scene of the devastation (this worked great against his father with Andrew in 92).

If: Bush goes to the Gulf coast to work the disaster from the ground. Then: He's practicing photo op presidency, he'd be more effective in DC (this worked great with the Florida hurricanes in 04).

If: Bush speaks to National Guardsmen and aid workers from Gulfport MS. Then: Grandstanding for the cameras. The storm damage is widespread, there's damage up and down the coast that he should be seeing from a helicopter with the various governors.

If: Bush tours the devastation by helicopter with the governors. Then: That helicopter could be much better used evacuating flooded-out people from their rooftops and attics. The governors have more important things to do than babysit the dilettante president.

If: There's chaos at problem spot X. Then: Bush-Nero is doing nothing about the chaos. He should order massive military forces to Problem Spot X. He cares more about law and order in Iraq than he does in the country he's supposedly leading.

If: Bush specifically orders numbers of the military to Problem Spot X. Then: The governors on the ground know their states better and know where the manpower is needed. He should leave it to them. Can't Bush-Hitler see that his micromanagement is exacerbating the situation in Problem Spot Y? He cares more about federalism in Iraq than he does in the country he's supposedly leading.
In my opinion the President's biggest mistake in the hurricane aftermath was expecting people to do their jobs competently.


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