Grrrrrrrrr Ha!

Woke up this morning to discover that my purse had been stolen. Hubby and I spent all morning canceling credit cards. Now I'm waiting for the cops to show up so I can file a report. I also have to figure out what to do about my missing Social Security card. The next door neighbour found my driver's license and Wegmans shoppers club card on the curb. At least the enterprising criminal genius didn't get anything important. Sigh.

Update 1:17 PM The enterprising criminal genius really didn't get anything at all. Less than an hour after speaking with an officer he called me back to say someone in the neighbourhood had found my purse. He brought it back (after dusting it for prints of course) so I could check for what was missing.

The criminal got away with one credit card (now cancelled), maybe about $2.00 in pocket change, a couple of calling cards, insurance and benefit cards, old college IDs, some pens, a few old receipts, and the $2.00 bills that hubby's grandmother gave the boys for their second birthdays. My Social Security card is still missing but we've already initiated fraud/identity theft prevention procedures. I still have sufficient identification left to get a new card. Our little thief left the money (significantly more than $2.00) and all of the other credit cards.

Sophia is now pursuing her life long dream of strewing the contents of my purse all over the living room. She's actually dancing in front of the mirror with a credit card in each hand.

Random observation: I'd been meaning to clean my purse out because it was such a mess that it was almost impossible to find anything. I guess it was a good thing that I held off on that.


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