It ain't over yet

Hurricane Rita is fast reminding people that the Atlantic hurricane season isn't over until November. The one good thing about Hurricane Katrina is that it seems to have done away with much of the hurricane bravado that so many people had. No one seems to be taking any chances with their lives now with the possibility of Rita doing serious damage in the Gulf. No one seems worried about the political fall out of ordering evacuations either. The fall out from not ordering evacuations in a timely manner is far worse.

Again everyone's talking about what this will do to oil production in the Gulf. Can we ease off the oil for just a hot minute? I got some words for you about that oil.
If there is anything that I know about people, it is that they can be remarkably creative when they really, really want something. The best evidence of this comes from a rather unexpected source: underage drinking. The creativity with which adolescent teenagers obtain fake photo IDs pretty much makes the age requirement of 21 a joke. Any parents who think that their teenager does not have or does not know how to obtain a fake photo ID most surely have their heads in the sand and their asses way beyond the clouds.

But now image that this very same creativity were employed in obtaining a response to exorbitant gas prices. Well, cars would be using something like grass as fuel in no time. Again, if the creativity that people put into being “bad asses” were pressed into the service of finding alternative fuel sources or persons using less of gas, I do not doubt for a moment that we could cut our oil consumption in half. Thus rather begging that the oil cartel continue its production rate, things would be the other way around: they would be begging us to purchase more oil.


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