News from the hurricane front

I received this news from a family member who's on the front lines of the hurricane relief effort last night.
Wanted to give you all a head's up and status report on our efforts for Hurricane Katrina disaster relief.

I'm on the ground in Louisiana, part of a team from CCC who are helping the Christian Emergency Network/Foundation for Hope/Red Cross come up with a system for resourcing evacuees with churches around the US. We've got a site where churches can register to take people for 3 months: and we're tweaking the whole process to make it work well in Lafayette, where we have about 7000 people, and duplicate it around to other areas which also have people in need.

We're having major technical difficulties, which you can pray for. Phones hardly work, if at all, both POTs (landlines) and cell. We've had sporadic internet access (mostly down), and are in the same boat as FEMA, sharing the good and bad as we work side-by-side. We're hoping to start matching people up with churches today, and have a number of hurdles to overcome. So please keep us in your prayers. You can check out more info by going to:
Hurricane Relief Resources
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