It's the trees! The trees I tell ya!

I heard this on the radio two days ago squeezed in between the wall to wall Alito confirmation hearing coverage. Apparently trees (and other photosynthetic plants) produce methane, a greenhouse gas, and so contribute to global warming. And here we all were planting trees to deal with all of the noxious carbon dioxide heating the place up only to find that those wretched trees may be thwarting our efforts! One scientist noted that we might have to reconsider planting trees to mitigate carbon dioxide emissions. Does this mean I have to go raze my garden?

Tim Blair takes note of this potentially devastating turn of events, TREES! IT WAS TREES ALL ALONG. Paul of Wizbang weighs in as well, Save The Planet- Clear Cut The Rainforest.

I was going to say something about poor scientific practice and people getting carried away with irresponsible claims not supported by the information at hand but do I really need to? We've been listening to conflicting doomsday claims about the state of the earth's climate for at least three decades now. Perhaps this particular finding will make people a little more cautious about their claims concerning the consequences of global climate change or the ability of human beings to influence that change.


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