Ward's words have consequences

Anybody remember Ward Churchill of 9/11 victims were like Nazis fame? Well his chickens have come home to roost.
Truth and Consequences

In the end, the faculty panel assigned to look into the Ward Churchill mess at the University of Colorado found plenty of guilt to go around.

It found repeated, intentional academic misconduct - plagiarism, fabrication, falsification and more - by Churchill, an ethnic studies professor at Colorado's Boulder campus, and documented those instances in a 124-page report released Tuesday. But the panel also faulted the university, noting that allegations about Churchill had been known for years in the scholarly world but had not been deemed worthy of inquiry at his home campus. The committee suggested that the university had hired Churchill knowing he was an outspoken activist and should not have been surprised when that's what it got. And the panel raised concerns about its own role because it was created in the aftermath of a public uproar over essays Churchill wrote about 9/11 - essays that infuriated many but that the panel concluded were protected by academic freedom and the U.S. Constitution.
Enjoy your 15 minutes of infamy while it lasts sir.


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