Al Gore's Oscar

I had an enjoyable evening watching Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban and so missed the Oscars. But in honour of Al Gore winning an Oscar for An Inconvenient Truth I give you:

A complete list of things caused by global warming (This is a favourite of mine.)

Got a problem? Blame global warming! (An article written by the compiler of the above list.)


  1. Hi. This comment isn't about your blog but I wanted to ask you for some advice and am not sure where to write. I hope this is okay.
    Please delete this when you read it, okay?

    I'm upset because my daughter, her husband, children, and I just got back from visiting some relatives in Texas.

    We had visited my big sister for a while and then with her all drove over to visit an uncle and aunt.

    My son-in-law is light-skinned and looks "white" but his great-grandfather was black. And he and my daughter are foster parents of a dear little black girl whom they hope to adopt.

    So there we all were, a happy "mixed" family, not even thinking about skin color, heritage, or anything else except just visiting.

    During the conversation, my aunt said something about somebody in the family had been born on "June 19th ... that's nigger day, ya know."

    I just felt so stunned and horrified that anybody would say such a thing so stupid and rude -- but it was especially horrifying that anybody would say such a thing with a black person (my foster granddaughter) and a "mixed" person (my son-in-law) standing right there!

    I didn't know what to say, and I asked my daughter later about it, and she just dismissed it, "Some people are just ignorant" and that such comments can be dismissed unless it's said in an attacking manner.

    Well to me it WAS an attacking manner -- surely my aunt knew exactly what she was saying, and surely she knew how it would be perceived.

    She's apparently one of those "white" people who are too stupid to realize everybody is "mixed" and there's no such thing as a "pure white race."

    She's also apparently one of those "Christians" who aren't the least bit Christian.

    Here I am feeling so judgmental toward her and so defensive toward my wonderful family and I don't know who to ask for feedback about this. Why should I have said? What response could I have made that would make her realize how ignorant and hateful her comment was?

    This situation has happened before with my husband's sister -- she's blatantly racist and considers herself "pure white" even though like me her great-grandparents included native Americans. She's one of those "Christians" who makes arrogant self-righteous comments about everybody, regardless of their race, but why does she do this at all?

    One of the main reasons I left the church is because of hearing such comments by people who call themselves "Christians."

    I'm upset because people are like this, and I'm upset because I don't know how to respond to their comments with any sort of graciousness or intelligence -- all I do is get upset and angry and cry, which of course is stupid and doesn't help the situation or bring any information to counter their ignorance.



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