Snow day

Yesterday while I was listening to the local NPR station an emergency alert was broadcast. The lake effect was coming and with it some of the coldest air we've seen yet this winter. Wind chills of 30 below and frostbite in 20 minutes the alert warned. I was glad I didn't have anywhere that I really needed to be for the next few days.

Today I've been stuck in the house with all of the kids. It was so cold, and in some places there was so much snow, that most of the school districts in a goodly portion of the state closed up shop. What do parents who work during the day do with their kids when there's an emergency closing? I get to roll over and try to get a few extra minutes of sleep before the kids start banging on doors demanding breakfast.

I'm not a morning person so many a winter morning I secretly hope for a school closing. When they come (like today) I usually decide that they're not all they're cracked up to be. For one thing the boys really miss being at school. I found them both on separate occasions today pretending that they were at school going through their usual classroom routines.

Sophia has apparently gotten used to ruling the roost while her brothers are at school. She didn't handle having both of them around to well today. They apparently kept getting in her way. They also interrupted her morning nap which meant she was pretty much a basket case for the rest of the day.

With the three kids roaming the house all day I don't get much done. Whatever I do manage to get done usually gets undone pretty quickly. It's not like I can send them outside to work off some of their energy. If they are off again tomorrow I might think about tossing them into the car and heading for the mall.


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