We're all gonna die!

My one anthropogenic global warming question that encompasses many of the problems that I have with the issue. What is the evidence that current climate trends are any different from any of the other times that the global climate has oscillated between "hot" and "cold"?

I find Tim Blair's take on this new development rather endearing "YEEEEE-HAAAAA! We’re all gonna die, according to a global headline consensus." He got links to several stories about the UN's new consensus that human beings are the cause of global warming.

Frankly, I find the "consensus" to be a rather egotistical assessment of the influence of human beings on the natural world. Yeah we can muck things up when we don't pay attention to what we're doing. However, this rock we live on was spinning in space and doing its thing long before we crawled out of the ooze or walked out of Eden (depending on which creation story you choose to believe).

Here's a link to the UN report pilfered from the Fox News story linked by Tim Blair. It's even got the infamous hockey stick graph in there.

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  1. I agree. Blogged about it a few weeks back, when I learned that just 32 years ago, the scientists were warning that we were headed for another Ice Age, because of humans.

  2. About the best thing that can be said about the earth's climate right now is that it is changing now and it has changed in the past. Anything more than that is just pure speculation. Every time I hear a news story about this new global warming "consensus" it seems more and more improbable.


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