Thankful Thursday

I missed posting the last two Thursdays because life's been a little hectic. It still is but I'm feeling slightly more emotionally stable at the moment. I'm having a party at the house tonight so, despite all of the work I have to do to get ready, having that to look forward to helps. So today I am thankful for/that:
  1. Parties.

  2. Pretty things.

  3. Sunshine.

  4. Spring blooming flowers.

  5. Spring time warmth.

  6. God's grace and mercy.

  7. Friends.

  8. Evil will not prevail.

  9. Hope.

  10. Wisdom.

  11. Bird songs.

  12. Sophia and Ethan's enthusiastic help with gardening projects.

  13. Isaiah is acquiring more skills at school and more often uses yes/no in the appropriate context.

  14. Sophia: Mommy where are my sunglasses?!
    Me: On your head.
    Sophia: Oh.

What are you thankful for?


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